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Transformation Services

Precision Execution LLC

Strategy Planning

  • Process Development – We excel at building an “integrated and continuous” annual planning cycle. Investments (R&D, CapEx & OpEx) are linked to growth strategies( organic and acquisition). Operating Group strategy, product and portfolio strategies are layered in. Deliverables include market analysis, competitive intelligence and analysis, and either a Strategic Plan or an Annual Operating Plan (or both).
  • Outsourced Process – We can lead the strategic planning process as a member of your team;
  • Transition – We can run the process and gradually train your team to take ownership.

Portfolio Analysis

  • Business strategy, at its core, is about setting achievable priorities and agreeing to the actions and interim milestones that form the roadmap to get you there.
  • For companies with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of products a logical and structured approach is required to achieve net positive results across the portfolio.
  • We work collaboratively with you and will:
  • Organize your products into market segments
  • Establish screening criteria to define and align your priorities
  • Use analytics to study the markets in which you operate
  • Select a methodology to graphically consume the analysis (Ex: current market share vs segment growth rates)
  • Facilitate dialogue among senior leaders to reach some consensus on the analysis
  • Collaboratively develop a course of action – setting the strategic direction and with tactical and operational actions to execute the strategy
Precision Execution LLC


  • We lead strategic dialogue that results in a thoughtful acquisition.
  • We begin with your desired outcomes and preferences that results in we apply filtering criteria to the total universe of candidates resulting in a pool of options that meet the criteria..
  • The criteria is applied to a universe of public and private properties.
  • We have partners who can take you through the legal process of the acquisition.
  • Our diligence team will likely be coupled with yours and a few technical specialists.

Market Analysis

  • We offer one-off and annual ongoing analysis to identify total market growth, segmentation, international, market participants including estimates of market share, opportunity identification and the overall addressable market.
  • Specialization covers the breadth of the technology food chain in:
  • Aerospace markets
  • Defense markets
  • Space markets
  • Public Sector markets
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) markets
Precision Execution LLC

Competitive Intelligence & Analysis

  • Offers ad-hoc analysis or annual ongoing.
  • We offer Black Hat (colored team reviews) to the aerospace and defense segment.

Cloud Migrations

  • We offer a painless approach to result in a safe, secure, low cost Cloud solution.
  • We start by diagnosing which applications can be migrated to the cloud.
  • We offer solutions architecture and are solution agnostic.
  • We have partners that offer Managed Service Provision and Data Centers to put your application and data in the best data center for your problem set.
  • We communicate clearly along the way.
  • We serve all Public Sector Customers (but specialize in):
  • DoD
  • DHS
  • VA
  • NASA
  • Other agencies
Precision Execution LLC

Owners Representation for Data Center Construction

  • Having been in the day-to-day construction of global data centers for hyperscalers, some of the most complex customer requirements and having delivered 100% on time, we can:
  • Provide dashboard updates
  • Ensure RFIs are addressed in a timely fashion in advance of customer acceptance
  • Monitor the Commissioning process
  • Ensure the Customer Acceptance process delivers all that is contractually required and what is commonly expected

Financial & Operational Turnarounds

  • Diagnostic
  • Reorganization
  • Wind Down
  • Divestiture
  • Interim Executive
Precision Execution LLC